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Hi, we are Pam and Taff Jones and live in Hampshire, England with our beautiful fluffy pussycat called Nancy.

In 2012 we decided to change our careers and become full-time writers. In the past Taff worked as a physical training instructor in the Royal Navy, then moved to civilian life to become a Fireman, owner of a gym and various other ‘past lives’. I (Pam) worked generally in a business environment mainly as an auditor and then accountant, and finally in a call centre (where my nickname was the Riddler!). We therefore have a wide range of skills and experience which we can use for book and article ideas in the future, and are therefore unlikely to run out of material.

For children, Taff has written a beautifully illustrated book called ‘Tales of Nancy Jones – Volume 1′ comprising 3 lovely stories. As a result we have been in the local Portsmouth ‘News’ newspaper as well as the national Daily Mail and on BBC Radio Solent.

Taff’s new crime-fiction Emma Curtis trilogy has recently been published as e-books worldwide. A very exciting series of adult-fiction about Emma Curtis, a bright accountant, who becomes involved in a murder case. Each book will keep you on the edge of your seat in suspense with crime and drama. And when you read all three, you’ll also find the story line hot and raunchy in parts.

Taff is currently busy working on an exciting book of fiction which is top secret. My lips are sealed!

I (Pam) have used my poetry and riddling skills to devise ‘Riddles by a JRR Tolkien Fan’, inspired by ‘The Hobbit’. Earlier this year I did a daily blog on http://pamandtaffjones.blogspot.co.uk/ to motivate me to lose weight. Now I’m concentrating on devising new gluten free and sugar free (natural sugar) recipes for http://www.worldfoodmag.co.uk/ magazine and also freelance writing.

When we’re not working, Taff plays the guitar and sings, and sometimes I accompany him with the golden maraca and kazoo, with Nancy as the audience. That’s if Nancy’s not sitting on my lap, purring, getting lots of hugs, strokes and kisses. We both like to cook where Taff specialises in savoury food and I the sweet. Oh…. and we also have a sense of humour and like to laugh.

We hope you enjoy our books, and would love to hear from you.

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